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Transform Any Room Into Your

Own Planetarium!

SpaceBuddy™ Galaxy Projector

Regular price   $120.00 Sale price   $59.99 Save 50%

Watch Netflix and sleep under the stars every night with the Spacebuddy™ by your side. The Spacebuddy™ comes with a remote control, so you can wirelessly control your lighting effects.

To power on the Spacebuddy™,
connect the included USB plug to a wall outlet or computer. This means you can
power on your Spacebuddy™ in just a few seconds!

The light can be rotated to your desired position because of the swivel mechanism built into the Spacebuddy™ helmet. 

This projector has 4 levels of
brightness, 2 working modes (galaxy projection with or without stars), and 8
galaxy colors. 

Exploring outer space just got a lot
easier with the all-new Spacebuddy™.

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Galaxy Projector 2.0™

Regular price   $169.99 Sale price   $79.99 Save 52%

Introducing the latest iteration of Galaxy Star Lamp's bestseller, the Galaxy Projector 3.0 – an innovative gadget that transforms your environment with captivating light displays. As the beams emanate from the device and grace any surface, you'll find yourself transported to an alternate realm, surrounded by vivid constellations, mesmerizing nebulae, and the tranquil sounds of crashing ocean waves. Experience the celestial wonders of the night sky within the confines of your own home and embark on a journey through the cosmos.

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Galaxy Star Lamp™

Regular price   $89.99 Sale price   $39.99 Save 55%

There's an undeniable allure to space that has the power to realign our perspectives and offer a profound sense of tranquility. If the relentless pace of life has you feeling overwhelmed, consider embracing an essential lifestyle companion that has the ability to transform any room into a captivating NASA-inspired sanctuary. Delve into an immersive experience enabled by cutting-edge 3D technology, which bathes your surroundings in the breathtaking satellite imagery provided directly by NASA. As for the lamp itself, you'll encounter a robust surface that evokes the sensation of a celestial artifact, radiating a soft, star-like glow as you go work, chill, or game.

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Moon Lamp

Regular price   $74.99 Sale price   $39.99 Save 46%

Introducing the Moon Lamp, the gateway to turning your room into a tranquil moonlit retreat. It's the most lifelike and genuine moon lamp you'll find on the market.

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Galaxy Projector Rhythm™


Step into a breathtaking celestial realm with the Galaxy Projector Rhythm. This cutting-edge device combines advanced LED technology and a unique music-sensing feature to create an immersive starry sky that dances to the rhythm of your favorite music or TV programs. Whether you're hosting a party or seeking relaxation, this projector is your ideal companion. Don't miss out—acquire yours today and embark on a cosmic escape!

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